Granite and Quartzite

Whether you are renovating an old house or constructing a new one, granite kitchen countertop is ‘the’ one thing that you cannot ignore. There are many reasons why granite has acquired the top spot as a kitchen counter top material. Although, there are myriad benefits of getting a granite countertop for your kitchen some of them are listed below:

  • They look lavish and have a unique natural beauty. They can be availed in vast arrays of colours, shades, and textures. Colours to complement almost any decor set-up can be found in granite. 

  • Granite kitchen counter tops are extremely durable. Unlike Quartz, which is prone to leave marks from hot pots or pans, granite on the other hand is resistant to heat. It also resists staining and discoloring if it is regularly maintained using a over-the-counter cleaner and protector. If you like to use the countertops in your kitchen without worrying about where to put your hot cookie sheet, roasting pan or pasta pot, then granite is the choice for you!

  • Every slab differs from the next. Granite comes from the creation of Mother Nature and sourced from the effects of time. Depending on the type of granite, the slabs can either be fairly uniform in colour and texture or can vary dramatically from one section of the quarry to another. It all depends on the nature of history in that area. This makes for unique and interesting patterns in granite that you cannot find find in a man-made product.

  • The prices between granite and quartz are very similar for many colours.